London City Manager

London, United Kingdom


Airsorted’s mission is to build a global platform that makes it easy to share your home.


At Airsorted, we believe that home-sharing is a force for good. It creates authentic and unique experiences for guests; and for hosts, the extra income enables them to do more of what they want. The problem is that for many homeowners, who don’t have the time or the expertise, home-sharing is not accessible.

Our core working assumption is that by removing the principal hassles of hosting - cleaning, laundry and key exchange - homeowners will be willing to share their home.


Airsorted uses technology to deliver hospitality at scale. We build:

Ways of working

Airsorted follows the Lean Startup methodology. On the technology side this involves fast deployment cycles and code reviews. The goal across the business is to innovate and validate key assumptions as quickly as possible and iterate constantly. The expectation is that no matter which team you’re in at Airsorted, your goal is to learn which actions result in meaningful improvement of our product and service.

We have a meritocratic culture in the company. This means that over time, Airsorted employees have opportunities to increase responsibilities and develop their skills and attributes.


The goal of the London City Manager is to solidify and extend Airsorted’s position as London’s leading homestay management service.

  1. Grow revenue through marketing, partnerships and proposition management
    • Grow revenue from existing customers by maximising home availability
    • Explore and test strategic marketing partnerships to generate leads at a low Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
    • Develop a stronger PR presence for the London business
      • Identify areas of expertise to establish Airsorted as a thought leader
      • Create a PR calendar with repeatable campaigns
      • Find local media channels to target specific customer personas
  2. Meet net homes growth targets
    • Collaborate with Growth Director to optimise the sales funnel
      • Devise online and offline marketing campaigns to generate leads
      • Optimise website and other channels for web visit to lead conversion
      • Develop the sales process to maximise lead to sign conversion
    • Collaborate with Chief Sales Officer to maximise sign to live conversion
    • Minimise property churn through retention activities
      • Embed the Airsorted customer promise throughout the host lifecycle
  3. Establish, and execute, a path to profitability
    • Build a stronger understanding of the revenue and cost drivers in the London business
    • Explore alternative pricing models for higher unit revenue
    • Lead cost management to ensure Airsorted spends only where it adds value
  4. Build and retain a high quality team (25+ people)
    • Establish and sustain an attractive employer brand to reduce recruitment cost
    • Oversee supportive, empathetic line management to bring out the best in people
    • Provide career and development opportunities to retain key talent


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